Harris Street is pleased to present our fine, exclusively hand made, English silk ties. The cloth is woven on Jacquard looms by one of the few remaining English silk mills and is one of the finest in the world.

The cloth from which the ties are produced have 350 strands of silk per square inch.  This gives the ties a luxurious handle. The cloth is also woven in color warps which give our ties that iridescent look on presentation.

All of our ties are lined with a single piece of pure wool interlining, thereby eliminating the possibility of a “lump” in the neck band. After a day’s wear, the tie can be hung and allowed to relax. Because of the combination of the fine quality of pure wool and silk, any creases that have formed during the days wear, tend to fall out.

Another important factor is that the ties and linings are cut on the true bias of 45°, therefore preventing any “twisting” effect. On the reverse of the wide blade there is a self loop that will keep the short end of the tie tucked away from view.

It is due to the quality of the cloth and the expert construction that Harris Street Ties hang beautifully and are comfortable to wear.  The  Harris Street label represents the very best craftsmanship, developed over the years, combined with sophisticated, contemporary design.